A Way Out of Sugar and, or Food Addiction

Are you a medical professional or health coach with clients facing the challenge of Sugar and, or Food Addiction?

Perhaps you, or a loved one are facing this challenge?

I highly recommend this latest offering from the Nutrition Network.

3 November 2022

This is a global, virtual event focusing on understanding and managing sugar and processed food addiction.

It’s an opportunity for you to understand and recognise Sugar and Food Addiction in your patients, clients or loved ones, and to have the knowledge and the tools to effectively transition them back to health.

Nutrition Network Food Addiction Symposium

After this event, you will:

  • Understand addiction and sugar addiction’s role in metabolic disease
  • Understand addiction as a disease concept
  • Understand the use of sugar as a gateway drug
  • Understand addiction as a mechanical disorder of the brain
  • Know how to identify and overcome addiction
  • Know what remission and treatment looks like in medical practice
  • Become familiar with how to use addiction management principles to treat carb addiction: how it differs from a diet
  • Know how to bring addiction up with a scared client and screening, assessment, and diagnostics to create the best treatment plan or outcome
  • Implement useful findings from the outcome of a three-country audit of a low-carb online group program with education and support for people with food addiction which includes a simple clinic screening tool which is useful to clinicians
  • Understand the treatment match for processed food addiction


Now available at an Early Bird Price of $45, (full price is $65)

Or get the Addiction Bundle, which includes:

  • 1 x Addiction Elective Module (valued at $330) and
  • 1 x ticket for WNS Addiction Symposium (valued at $65)

All for just $250


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